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About Otto de Voogd

Open Source advocate Otto de Voogd has gone from a casual Access Firefox supporter to a substantial contributor in a short amount of time. He has donated such content as the Firefox Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts that we have have posted here on the site, and the translation links that are provided for our visitors to translate He also has taken on the role of technical consultant where he advises and provides support where necessary on items like server and hosting issues, site accounts setup and management, and many other duties that keeps Access Firefox running smoothly.

A graduate from the Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands, he worked on Internet related projects from the very beginning of the world wide web. During the Internet boom years he ran a small IT contracting company. When the boom turned to bust he went traveling after which he settled in his new adoptive country Estonia. He is fluent in English, French and Dutch, and speaks some German, Spanish and Estonian.

For more see Otto de Voogd's LinkedIn profile.

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Otto de Voogd's main web site
Free and open source web site traffic analysis software.
Firefox Shortcuts
A comprehensive listing of keyboard and mouse shortcuts for Firefox.
Providing search and tools for searching official and semi-official Mozilla and Firefox sites.
Browser Wars Checkers
A fun and challenging game of checkers featuring Firefox vs Internet Explorer.
Countdown Clock
Add a free countdown to your site or blog.
Travel Stories
Travel stories and photos from Otto de Voogd's travels around the World.
Photos of Estonia
Otto's photos of his adoptive country.