Firefox Add-ons Introduction

What are Firefox Add-ons?

Firefox Add-ons are easy to install, learn, and use small pieces of software that you install into Firefox which adds more functionality and allows for near total customization of your Firefox web browser.

What is a Firefox Extension?

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Extensions are a type of add-on that allows you to do more with Firefox than just surf the Internet. For example, the Page Zoom Button extension provides a quick and easy way to control Firefox's full page zoom feature, and Theme Font & Size Changer allows you to choose your own font and font size for Firefox's interface.

The extensions that are recommended on Access Firefox were selected to help people with different disabilities to use Firefox and the Internet in a way that meets their individual needs.
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What is a Firefox Theme?

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Themes change the appearance of Firefox. There are two types of themes available. Complete Themes and Lightweight themes.
Complete Themes apply styles to all of Firefox's interface including all buttons, windows, menus, toolbars, and so on, and Lightweight Themes apply an image viewable through the top toolbars only (header).

The themes listed on this site are high and low contrast ones with some of them providing large buttons, icons, and text.

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