Firefox Printable Shortcuts

Please visit the following for the most recent versions of the keyboard and mouse shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts Mouse shortcuts

Here we provide you with 3 ways for you to obtain and study a comprehensive listing of Firefox keyboard and mouse shortcuts. Shortcuts are listed for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and you can view the shortcuts online, or download a .PDF or .ODT version of them which are suitable for printing. All of the shortcut documents can be zoomed to increase the text size to meet your needs without loss in quality.

Globe icon Shortcuts Web Page

View the Firefox shortcuts online

PDF icon Download Shortcuts PDF File

Download a printable PDF of the Firefox keyboard and mouse shortcuts. The text in the PDF can be enlarged to any size using Acrobat's zoom feature.

OpenOffice icon Download Shortcuts OpenDocument Text File

Download a printable and editable OpenDocument Text file of the Firefox keyboard and mouse shortcuts.

The Firefox keyboard and mouse shortcuts were created by and contributed to Access Firefox from Otto de Voogd of