Firefox Add-on Options

Add-on Options

Many add-ons provide additional options and preference settings.
After installing an add-on (and restarting Firefox if necessary), press Alt + t > a (to open the Add-ons Manager), click on Extensions, highlight an add-on (single click), and select Options to adjust the add-on's options and/or preferences.

Firefox extensions manager
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Some add-on's options are also accessible by right or left clicking on the add-on's toolbar button (if provided).
The method(s) for accessing an add-on's options and/or preferences are dependent upon how the add-on's developer sets them to be.

Customizing Toolbars

Many extensions have extra buttons available for you to place onto your toolbars.
To view them and to customize your toolbars, press Alt + v > t > c (View > Toolbars > Customize), or right click on any toolbar (with the exception of the Bookmarks toolbar) and select Customize.

Firefox View Menu

Drag the icon of the button that you want to add to a toolbar and drop it.
You can place buttons on any toolbar (Tab bar, Add-on Bar, Menu bar, etc) with the exception of the Bookmarks toolbar.

Firefox Customize Toolbar window

Firefox Customize Toolbar window

Furthermore, you can rearrange toolbar buttons, move them to different toolbars, and remove items from toolbars by dragging them onto the Customize Toolbar window. When finished, select Done.
You can always reset all toolbars and toolbar buttons back to their original default state by selecting Restore Default Set in the Customize Toolbar window.

Customizing Toolbars

If there is a toolbar that you do not wish to use or display, press Alt + v > t (View > Toolbars), and uncheck the toolbar that you do not want displayed.

Firefox View Toolbars menu

You can also create and customize a new toolbar and add and move buttons and other objects to it by pressing Alt + v > t > c (View > Toolbars > Customize) > Add New Toolbar.
Your new toolbar will not be displayed until you add or move objects to it.

Firefox Customize Toolbar window

Selecting a Theme

When you install a new theme into Firefox, that theme will automatically be selected and displayed after you restart Firefox. If you have installed multiple themes, you will have to choose which one that you want set as your default theme.

Press Alt + t > a (to open the Add-ons Manager), click on Appearance, highlight a theme (single click), click Enable, restart Firefox.
Note: Installing and switching between Firefox Personas does not require a restart.

Firefox themes manager
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Firefox themes manager

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